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Life is like a dream, what is the most precious thing?

Life is like a dream, life will soon pass, cherish every moment of the present, always keep a positive and optimistic attitude, so that every passing day is a happy and meaningful day, that is is the most precious thing.

Be kind to yourself.

People with health have hundreds of thousands of dreams, people without health have only one dream, health. The length of life depends on health, and health is determined by the way of life. Money is very important but health is MORE IMPORTANT, everything will be meaningless if health is NO longer.

How to create blessings?

Blessings are not given by gods and heaven and earth, but by grandparents and parents created in the past and created by themselves in the present. Not a single blessing has fallen from the sky. Many people today are respected by society because of the prestige and karma of their parents in the past. And also many people have to live in the dark because of the evil karma that their parents and grandparents created before. Those "transitions" of merit are also called good karma or bad karma and karma transferred from one life to another.

Wild flowers in the deep mountains, even though no one is enjoying them, still give off their fragrance.

The eyes are the same but the angle of view is different. The mouth is the same, but each person has a different way of speaking. The heart is similar in structure but the thinking is very different. The money is the same, but the way of spending is different for each person. Cũng là con người nhưng mỗi cá nhân có một cách sống, cần tự tin bước đi trên đôi chân của mình.